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Day 9-10: 5/27-28/11

May 29, 2011

Weight (early evening, 5/28): 287.8 lbs.
Total change so far: -9.7 lbs.

The last two days have been busy, getting moved into our new apartment. As such, meals have been hard to come by.

Thursday: Prepackaged kale & chorizo soup, 1 beer
I realized after opening the soup that it contained potatoes. I must’ve been a sight, standing by the trash at work, digging them out and flicking them away in between bites.

Friday: 1/4 lb. hamburger patty, sautéed onion, yellow pepper, and tomato, sliced dill pickle, black beans, 1 tsp mayo, 2 beers
This meal was amazing. It could’ve been the fact that it didn’t come until nearly 10 pm – I find that food tastes much better when I’m actually hungry, a condition rarely experienced before – but everything was delicious!
I need to stop with the beers. My new neighbor – a former roommate of mine – is a bad influence!

Planning on bumping up my cheat day to tomorrow (Sunday), and leaving it there henceforth. Decided not to be miserable at the Memorial Day picnics I’m attending. Besides, I had a couple more beers after midnight. More on that later….


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