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Day 23: 6/10/11

June 11, 2011

If anyone’s actually reading this, don’t be alarmed. I haven’t fallen off the slow-carb wagon. Without a reliable way to track my progress, I haven’t really felt the need to, well, track my progress. Now, however, I have procured a pretty snazzy scale that measures not only weight, but also body fat %, water %, and bone mass %, and keeps tracks of measurements and changes for up to 10 users. Not bad for $30. I’ll only be recording weight and body fat here, but it’s interesting to note that the scale read my bone mass as “ERR”. I always knew I was big-boned, but geez. Anyway, down to facts.

Weight (EOD): 279.6 lbs.
Body fat %: 35.4
Total body fat: 99 lbs.

I’ve lost about 18 lbs. in the last 23 days. My BF% is higher than I would have expected, but not unsurmountable. My long-term goal at the moment is to bring it below 20%. Lower would be even better, obviously, but 20% feels attainable for now.


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