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Day 61: 7/18/11

Weight: 265.4 lbs
Body Fat %: 33.7
Total Fat: 89.4 lbs.

Well, on the downside, I’ve lost only about 2 lbs in the last 19 days. On the upside, it was almost all fat. Cheat Day two weeks ago turned into Cheat Weekend while camping with friends after a wedding, which, combined with a lack of food in the house and/or time to cook it, turned into Cheat Week. Saturday, I weighed in around 271, and Sunday went back on hardcore slow-carb. I’ve been trying to eat more frequent meals, with a focus on eating upon waking, which I think has had a major impact on losing 6 lbs in two days, getting me back on track. I’ve been weighing in frequently, even when I haven’t been logging it, and I’m only about 1 lb. above my most recent low. I have another wedding this coming Saturday, which will be my Cheat Day, and I intend to be at or below 260 by then. I also plan to log on more frequently. Maybe not everyday, but at least weekly. Whether or not anyone reads this, it keeps me mindful or both my goals and my progress. Until Saturday…


Day 45: 7/2/11

Weight: 267.6 lbs.
BF%: 34.1
Total Fat: 91.25 lbs.

So in the 22 days since I last updated (if anyone’s reading this, I apologize), I’ve lost 13 lbs., nearly 8 of which was fat. 240 keeps getting closer, and it’s gonna be quite the milestone. I weighed 240 about nine years ago, and was at the lowest weight of my adult life. Anything beyond that isn’t gravy, though…it’s 200 or bust! I’ve reached a point where I don’t think dieting alone has me losing as fast as I’d like, and plan to add exercise, starting with a jog tomorrow. I’ll let you know how/if that turns out.

Day 23: 6/10/11

If anyone’s actually reading this, don’t be alarmed. I haven’t fallen off the slow-carb wagon. Without a reliable way to track my progress, I haven’t really felt the need to, well, track my progress. Now, however, I have procured a pretty snazzy scale that measures not only weight, but also body fat %, water %, and bone mass %, and keeps tracks of measurements and changes for up to 10 users. Not bad for $30. I’ll only be recording weight and body fat here, but it’s interesting to note that the scale read my bone mass as “ERR”. I always knew I was big-boned, but geez. Anyway, down to facts.

Weight (EOD): 279.6 lbs.
Body fat %: 35.4
Total body fat: 99 lbs.

I’ve lost about 18 lbs. in the last 23 days. My BF% is higher than I would have expected, but not unsurmountable. My long-term goal at the moment is to bring it below 20%. Lower would be even better, obviously, but 20% feels attainable for now.

Day 14: 6/1/11

Lunch: Grilled chicken (2 breasts), boiled broccoli, guacamole

Dinner: 2 hamburgers, red beans, marinated jalapeños

Day 13: 5/31/11

Lunch: Canned tuna (in water), romaine, sliced carrots, raw onion, oil & pickle juice

Dinner: Turkey sausage, garlic-mashed cauliflower, “chili beans” (pintos in an underwhelming chili sauce).

Day 12: 5/30/11

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, guacamole, grilled asparagus, grilled beef tips, sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms

Dinner: Black beans, pan-seared hamburger patty (85/15), sautéed onions, sliced dill pickle, tsp. mayo.

Day 11 (Cheat): 5/29/11

Had to push up my cheat day by a day to accommodate a family friend’s Memorial Day BBQ. Home-brewed beers were delicious, including a rich, caramely stout, and a triple-spice Weiss. Also enjoyed a buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips, cheese, pepperoni, and crackers, potato salad, pasta salad, wonderful coleslaw with apples and dried cranberries, and hot sausage patties with cheese.